About Us

TK Academy was created as a complimentary business to an existing successful business.  The goal was to fill the demand for older kids looking to learn coding.  We accomplish this with professional online courses and instruction but allow and expect our students to work independently and set their own schedules. Independent student work is supported by weekly scheduled check-ins and a teaching platform that allows for our teachers to view and monitor student progress.

TK Academy is owned and operated by TechyKids Canada Inc. TechyKids provides professional online education for children from age 8 plus and has continued to grow throughout the ongoing pandemic!

Our Team!

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Tyler Groth

Lead Educator

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Screenshot 2019-07-18 16.21.12.png

Raye Ackerman

Founder and CEO

Cristina G.


Screenshot 2019-07-18 15.55.16.png

Ratinder Kaur Rajpal


Screenshot 2019-07-18 16.43.27.png

Bianca Pokhrel


Screenshot 2019-07-18 16.20.47.png

Ninah Lucila


Screenshot 2019-07-18 16.21.00.png

Tracy Coburn

General Manager

Screenshot 2019-07-18 16.20.30.png

Sabina Singh


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Tonya P.

Customer Service


Gianni De Santis