Programming in Python 

● Start a New Career!

● Sessions Begin July 2020


Learn Python

Learning Python will allow students to:


  • Progress into an entry level position!

  • Design or build web or desktop applications!


Python is one the most versatile and easiest to learn programming languages and is the starting point for most modern coders.

  • Used at Google, Facebook, Dropbox

  • Perfect for aspiring young developers

  • Python is the programming language of choice for many high growth startups!


What is this Course? 

In simple terms, students that complete these courses and pass the final exam will have the equivalent qualifications to work in an entry level Python position earning $45,000 to $55,000 a year!  OR this course becomes a massive advantage for students who plan to continue into a Computer Science Degree or pursue training in additional programming courses.

Learn to problem-solve using an algorithmic approach.

Understand a programmer's work in the software development process.

Gain knowledge on how a program is executed in a computer environment.

Prepare for the PCAP–Python Certified Associate Programmer Certification.

Students Learn These Core Skills




Length:  70 - 80 hours total (Part Time)

Pricing:  Monthly or by Course

Age:  Students or Adults

Type: Instructor-led, Online

Languages: English Only

Info Sessions

Join us for an information session where we will help with your questions!

  • Meet the Instructor(s)

  • Hear about course structure

  • Find out about scheduling

  • Learn traits of an ideal coder!

  • Course pricing

  • Course deliverables

The info session done via a live video session.