Programming in Python 

For anyone seeking a new career or change in direction!

● Next sessions February 2021!
● Fifteen (15) week course

● Study part time!

● Fully teacher led


Learn Python

Learning Python will allow students to:


  • Write their own computer program

  • Design a web or desktop application


Python is one the most versatile and easiest to learn programming languages and is the starting point for most modern coders.

  • Used at Google, Facebook, Dropbox

  • Perfect for aspiring young developers

  • The programming language of choice for many high growth startups!



  • Become a Junior Developer!

  • Enter a high demand career!

  • Starting salaries from $45,000!




Length:  70 - 80 hours total (Part Time)

Pricing:  Flexible Payment Options

Age:  Minimum Grade 12

Type: Instructor-led, Online


Special Bonus!

Students that sign up for a January or February session will receive FREE access to our "Entry Level" Python course that they can work on before the main course starts!  This course is self paced with video instruction and includes up to 20 hours of Free Python Practice!  Submit form and ask for Details!!!

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Info Session!?

We offer a short 30 minute info session to answer your questions!

  • Details on the teacher

  • Course structure

  • Class scheduling

  • Pricing & promotions

  • Course homework

Please submit form and we'll be in contact with you to set up a call!

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are you a Private Career College?

A. No!  We don't need to be for two reasons. The first is that courses need to be longer than 40 hours of training and we are less than that. Secondly, Private Career College courses are normally quite expensive. As our courses are significantly less than the $1000 thresh-hold, we are not required to be registered!

BUT We do offer board certified instructors! This is NOT a requirement for Private Career Colleges so we feel we have a nice advantage on them! 😉